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Emotions’ signs in the latest project by designer Layla Mehdi Pour

Every object triggers emotions, and from this idea the work of Persian designer Layla Mehdi Pour is born. The designer, through graphic signs, transfers emotions created by the object observed. Signs, shapes and colours masterly calibrated to trigger the observer’s emotional response.

adjustable shape wall clock

When our feelings change, it also changes the perception we have of time. Layla Mehdi Pour designs a wall clock, consisting of two overlapping surfaces with twelve lines each. The lower dial is attached to the clock mechanism, but the upper one can easily rotated: this way you can get unexpected plays of shadows and different configurations of the object, which can be changed at any time.

Sophie, named after the sweet child of Hayao Miyazaki's cartoon Howl's Moving Castle, who changes appearance according to her feelings, is perfectly in line with the designer’s ironic and cheerful spirit.

Made in collaboration with an Italian company. The colored version is available in limited edition.

Material: Plexiglas
Size: 35 x 28 cm

modular hanging wall vases

If you’d like to have a garden on your home’s wall, this might be your first step towards it. Recalling the Persian carpet’s aim to reproduce heaven on earth, these modules give you the freedom to make your own design, adapting the home spaces to your taste. It's triangular, a shape that let you choose the best way to mount them.

Made by Italian handcrafted ceramic.

Material: Ceramic
Size: 30 x 30 x 30 cm

Salt and pepper set

FëlFël is a salt-and-pepper shaker with a simple, symbolic and funny form. It is a new shape that changes the manual use for an object which is already been proposed in thousands of versions. The ring configuration makes FëlFël almost an object of play, which make the user curious. 

The ergonomic ceramic ring arises not only as an original shape, but also symbolically, almost marrying two spices that are always on the table together.
The rings are designed to be distinguished from one another by sight and touch: one shaker has two raised bumps, the other three. So the attention is for all users, including the visually impaired.

Made by Italian handcrafted ceramic.

Material: Ceramic
Color: White and red, with glossy or matte finish.
White and black, with glossy or matte finish.


olio e aceto

Bringing fun also in the kitchen, the concept of Dan oil-vinegar set is to achieve a visual but also tactile recognition of the object, and it does so through the materialization of the letters. Without falling into obvious, the oil container callout has the shape of the letter "O", while that of vinegar recalls a "V". An ingenious and at the same time so immediate way to distinguish and make new objects that we use daily, giving them an original shape but with clean and simple lines.

Made by Italian handcrafted ceramic.

Material: Ceramic container; Cork cap
Color: White / Black


The Vase is made up of two tapered glass elements embracing eachother, which can live together or separately, creating diverse and multiple sceneries, also according to their content.
“My aim” explains the designer Layla, “is to emotionally surprise people”. L.M.P.
The external element, completely transparent, with its white matt rim, encloses and protects the interior and at the same time it reveals its content, just as a precious essence.

Shahrzad is created in borosilicate glass by veneto’s glazier masters, and is available either with both cones transparent or with a white sandblasted internal cone.
Dimensions: base Ø 8 cm, height 30 cm
Private production, sold upon request.

Invasion 48

Wall clock with 48 holes as time invaders which move from one side of the dial to the other.
“The idea” says the the designer thinking about the times we live in, “is squeezed between wars and a fast paced technological revolution. I wanted to show both the time, and the sensations we traverse while it flows.” L.M.P.

Invasion 48 is realized in laser cut and carved plexiglass, in collaboration with an Italian company. It can be purchased at, online store, selling a selection of the most relevant and interesting products in design.
Dimensions: base Ø 28 cm

Layla Mehdi Pour is a young Iranian designer, who after studying Graphic Design at the Institute of S. Kashani in Birjand and graduated in Industrial Design at the Art University of Tehran decides to continue her studies in Italy, graduating at IUAV in Venice in 2008. She postgraduates at Polytechnic of Turin, earning a degree in Eco Efficient Product Design. From here onwards began her career as a product designer, full of freshness and color, reinventing objects of everyday life with her poetic and innovative gaze.
Her products are available at some stores in Milan and online on

Private Exhibitions:
Superstudio Più 2013 | Temporay museum for new design | Milan
Tent London 2014 | London Design Festival | London

Group Exhibitions:
Stockholm Furniture and Light fair 2015 | DesignBoom mart | Stockholm
Tent London 2012 | London
Spring Fair 2015 | Birmingham
Sperimenta @ homi 2015 | Milan
Milan Design Week 2015 | Milan
Month of Design 2015 | Ljubljana
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PORTRAIT Layla Mehdi Pour
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