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TRI-R lighting partner at Capucci Fashion
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TRI-R, the new LED created by Toshiba Materials, returns to the forefront of Milan Fashion Week with the Capucci Fashion House

Milan, Saturday 25th February 2017

After inaugurating Milan Fashion Week last September with the exhibition “CRAFTING THE FUTURE”, organized by the National Chamber for Italian Fashion, TRI-R, the new LED developed by Toshiba Materials in collaboration with TOL Studio, has returned to the catwalk with the historic Capucci Fashion House. It’s no coincidence that Capucci identified TRI-R as the ideal lighting partner to illuminate its new Autumn/Winter ready-to-wear collection.
Referred to as 80’s-style and inspired by Pop Art, an art movement that transformed society and the expression of a new feminine figure, the collection reflects Capucci’s typical tailoring while experimenting and changing — evolving in the contemporary world.
The quality of the light produced by TRI-R, particularly focused on the photographic set for the creation of the lookbook, enhanced the inevitable presence of bright and contrasting colours in the best spirit of the fashion house, such as red or fuchsia, but also multi-colours, as in the pois di fil coupé. TRI-R also highlighted the three-dimensional effects in the fabrics, in bright materials such as lurex, stressing the peculiarity of the silk and the combination of cashmere, wool, and leather.

TRI-R is thus an ideal partner in the fashion world, as the light it produces is similar to that of the solar spectrum, is very close to natural light, does not affect colours, gives sharpness to details and textures without glare, and highlights the micro-textures that characterize the fabrics. Qualities that add value to materials and garments and are also fundamental in retail — an area in which TRI-R is developing.

TRI-R has had important applications in the art field, where it intensifies the natural colour hues chosen by the artists — see, specifically, the lighting design of the Exhibitions on Symbolism and Rubens at Palazzo Reale (Milan, 2016 and 2017).

The quality of light is also fundamentally important in interior design and architecture, particularly in the perception of surfaces and materials. In this field, the application of TRI-R made a great contribution to the Marco Piva exhibition at the Scuola della Misericordia in Venice for the Biennale of Architecture.

Finally, in industrial design, the famous “poet of light”Ingo Maurer has used TRI-R in his iconic lamp Lucellino.

Because of its reduced blue component and the uniformity of its continuous spectrum, TRI-R can produce a white light similar to sunlight, in which humanity has lived since its origins. Sunlight respects man's natural psychophysical and biological balance, thus safeguarding the circadian rhythm. For this reason, various comparative studies are currently being conducted in several international universities on the influence that TRI-R and conventional LED lighting have on humans.

Design management by TOL Studio
Technology and developed by Toshiba Materials

Toshiba Materials CO., LTD. – profile
Established in 2003, Toshiba Materials designs, develops and manufactures innovative, high-performance materials and components for the environmental, medical, digital and technology sectors.

TOL Studio Inc. – profile
TOL Studio is a partner to Toshiba Materials for its brand management, design marketing and communication of the new TRI-R technology. The name TOL Studio originates from the acronym of the slogan “Trend of Light”.

Milan, March 6 2017

TRI-R Europa press office Europe: Spoongroup

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