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FuoriSalone Superstudio Pił Materials Village
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Materials Village 2017
Superstudio Più - Via Tortona 27, Milan
Milan Design Week
April, 4-9, 2017

press preview : April 3 h.17-20
opening "New Materials for a Smart City" April 3 h 17-19

During the Milan Design Week 2017 returns one of the most highly-anticipated events of Fuorisalone: Materials Village 2017, the hub of Material ConneXion Italia dedicated to materials, new technologies and sustainability.

After the success of the first three editions, Materials Village will be again in Superstudio with a bigger format: the fourth edition, in fact, will occupy the whole Superstudio Art Garden together with the Lounge, for a total of about 1,850 square meters.

This edition hosts the exhibition-event "New Materials for a Smart City", curated by Material ConneXion Italia with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan. The event gives visitors an overview on cutting edge material innovation for the creation of smart cities. The exhibition is divided into thematic areas, showing useful technologies and materials to improve the functioning of the city and the lives of its inhabitants: from smart materials and solutions for public and domestic environmental comfort or solutions for ICT and information/data exchange in the urban field.
An area of the exhibition is dedicated to the European Project Sharing Cities, supported by Horizon 2020 program, of which the Municipality of Milan is partner as well as other 36 international actors of the public and private world. The aim of the project is the realization of a "smart" District in the Porta Romana/Vettabbia area, to respond to the City’s environmental challenges and to improve the daily lives of its inhabitants.
In relation to these issues, Material ConneXion Italia CEO, Emilio Genovesi stated: “In this edition, with the presentation of the exhibition 'New Materials for a Smart City', the Materials Village project reaches a proper relationship between space dedicated to innovation/research and space available for materials manufacturers to present their products. Having in our event installations of famous designers and highly innovative projects is always very important, but we want to remember that the first inspiration of Materials Village is to enable companies to be visible in a very intense moment as Fuorisalone and allow them to create new markets. When our partner companies declare themselves satisfied with the participation to have met new business opportunities, for us it is a source of pride because it confirms that the Materials Village formula works”.

The Materials Village format, has already been successfully tested, it is structured in "houses" and "view-box" of various dimensions and typologies and each one is dedicated to a theme connected to the world of materials and processes. The fields of applications are various: textiles, architecture, interior, furniture, decorative finishes, paints and colors.
In this context, visitors will find the best innovation of the materials along with a lot of new features: from the huge installation by Patricia Urquiola Studio for 3M, to Watson, the IBM's cognitive technology, able to interact with humans in natural language.

Lastly, “Time to Color” is the year’s theme chosen by SuperStudio – with the aim of painting environments and to invite exhibitors to think set-ups and presentations in which the colour is an integral part of the exhibition language.


3M, Oltremateria e Caldobenessere, IPM Italia, Novacolor, Elitis, Gerflor, IBM Italia, Fukuoka Weaving - Morito Co.LTD, Naturtex, Tile Skin, XL EXTRALIGHT, Askoll Holding, Adapta Color, Decolan, I-MESH, Leather’s Stylists, Sharing Cities – Comune di Milano – Direzione Economia Urbana e Lavoro, Toshiba Materials CO.LTD, Veolia Water Technologies, A2A Smart City, Cefriel - Politecnico di Milano, Siemens, Teicos UE, Trash-2-Cash, Pelma, Directa Plus, Stone Italiana, Opendot, WASP.

IPM Italia, Biohabitat, Latifolia Group, Ta Li, Sofa Soft, Pantone, Solar View, Muoversi con Gusto.

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Material ConneXion Italia
Material ConneXion is the most important international network of research and consulting on innovative and sustainable materials with libraries in New York, Milan, Tokyo, Bangkok, Daegu, Skövde, Bilbao, Copenhagen and Hong Kong.
Material ConneXion Italia, of which Rodrigo Rodriquez is the President, from 2002 provides consulting activities, promotion and training for companies in the field of innovative, materials and sustainability.
The Milan office has a Library displaying more than 5000 material samples coming from all over the world.

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Patrizia Ledda Tel. 02 36595292 Email:
date: 09/03/2017
01_Materials Village_2017
date: 09/03/2017
date: 09/03/2017
date: 09/03/2017
Materials Village 2017
date: 09/03/2017
date: 23/03/2017
Materials Village
date: 23/03/2017
Materials Village 2017
date: 23/03/2017
Materials Village 2017
date: 09/03/2017
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