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PLDC in Paris – 1–4 November 2017
L&L Luce&Light, the Italian company that specialises in LED lighting for architecture, presents Palladiano, its new family of lighting fixtures

L&L Luce&Light, the Vicenza company specialising in architectural lighting, is taking part in PLDC: Europe’s biennial Professional Lighting Design Convention created for the global lighting design market.
At this important event, L&L Luce&Light is presenting Palladiano, a new family of lighting fixtures. Its versatility and wide assortment of accessories mean that it offers a multitude of lighting possibilities. Designed by the lighting designer Francesco Iannone, and with a name inspired by the famous Venetian architect Andrea Palladio, this family expresses the Genius Loci of the company’s home region. Palladiano features a linear, harmonious design; optics and arms that both offer great flexibility in their range of movement; and a rich array of optical accessories. As a result, it has a great variety of applications and gives lighting designers the possibility to create atmospheric lighting effects.
Another L&L innovation present at PLDC is the new Pasito outdoor guide light. This pared-down, concealed, recessed lighting fixture integrates into walls to produce a ground-skimming light that illuminates walkways.
And Bright 2 will also be on show, the popular line of L&L LED recessed fixtures for outdoor applications that is resistant to atmospheric agents and has an extensive range of fixed and adjustable optics for a variety of lighting solutions. This iconic L&L product has recently been revamped in both appearance and optical performance.

The company
L&L Luce&Light is an Italian company that specialises in the design and production of LED lighting systems for indoor and outdoor applications. It was founded in Vicenza in 2007 by three partners with considerable experience in the sector. In just ten years, L&L Luce & Light has quickly become internationally renowned and respected in the lighting design sector and has realised many exceptional projects around the world. These include: external lighting for Vicenza’s Teatro Olimpico, by Andrea Palladio; a lighting design for the Design Museum in London; the Wave/Cave installation by SHoP ARCHITECTS at the University of Milan in the FuoriSalone 2017; and The Corner Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. The company was also recently involved in the new outdoor lighting project for the hillside estate known as the Vittoriale degli Italiani, erected by Gabriele d'Annunzio in Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda. Thanks to this project, visitors can now enjoy the architectural elements and footpaths by night as well as by day.
Among the company’s main strengths are the high quality and reliability of its products, which are entirely developed and produced in its factory in Vicenza. L&L also pays special attention to the sourcing of its materials, in order to retain the core value on which its operation is based: products that are Made in Italy. And the availability of professional advice for your lighting projects coupled with our deep commitment to after-sales care make L&L a leading light in the sector.
The company is distinguished by an appreciation of beauty and art, and by its connection to the history of the region it calls home. In this spirit, as part of its tenth-anniversary celebrations, it designed and installed the technical lighting in Vicenza’s Teatro Olimpico, by Andrea Palladio, in its role as official sponsor.

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