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Luce&Light illumina la Corte Bertesina
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L&L Luce&Light lights up the Corte Bertesina farm

Corte Bertesina is an organic farm, located a few kilometres outside Vicenza, that has been the subject of a recent redevelopment project by the traverso-vighy architetti architectural practice. The project has restored and transformed the original structure, a typical nineteenth-century Venetian farm courtyard. The development of a social farming project, which was started in 2010 to offer job opportunities to young people with Down syndrome, has led to an intricate restoration of Corte Bertesina. This has culminated in the creation of entirely new spaces – housing both production and sales, and teaching and agritourism activities – that sit alongside the owners’ private quarters.
The farm's current layout, as created by the architects, is the result of the careful integration of repurposed pre-existing buildings and new structures, using traditional building techniques and new construction technologies, to coexist in a complex but harmonious project that is 100% sustainable and profoundly rooted in the region.
Light, both natural and artificial, plays a key part in the Corte Bertesina project, and Giovanni Traverso and Paola Vighy use it masterfully to underline the character of the whole. Their meticulous study of the natural light and sunlight available to the buildings is central to the planning, in terms of achieving goals in energy savings, occupants’ wellbeing, and control of light pollution. And L&L Luce&Light, an international company based in Vicenza that produces sophisticated LED lighting fixtures for architecture, worked closely with the architects to collaborate on the light planning, and contributed its own considerable technological experience.
Marco Celsan, who founded the company 10 years ago and is now its CEO, says:
“We provided all the lighting for the Corte and were responsible for both its aesthetics and functionality.” L&L Luce & Light products were chosen for the task because they provide significant energy savings and are able to produce uniform lighting on the surfaces. The products used were linear fixtures and recessed bodies with special optics, hidden from sight – as requested by the planners – that produce a ‘comfortable’ light. Our LED products are ideally suited to this type of application in architecture, while guaranteeing energy savings.”
There are a wide variety of L&L devices installed to guarantee an efficient LED lighting system: Neva, Beam, River Wall, Trevi and Stra lighting fixtures are used both indoors and outdoors to light the Corte.

The outdoor lighting systems are integrated into the architectural structures to recreate as natural an effect as possible. Neva 1.1 linear profiles, mounted on the structural beams with brackets, light the shingles on the roof with a wash that creates a unique decorative effect. The same LED fixtures are used indoors, in the private quarters, where opaque white shields hide the linear profiles, letting through a line of light that accentuates the modular panelling. They also feature in another indoor application, in the study, where they are completely recessed into the niches there, to illuminate their depths without distracting from the view of the beautiful natural surroundings in which the Corte is set.
The profiles have been further used externally, directed towards the ground, to light the approach ramp and the path that leads to the garage.
The garage is lit by a series of River Wall LED bars, mounted on brackets in the cavity in order to provide lighting that washes over the walls and creates a very striking optical effect.
Beam 2.0, a walkover recessed fixture with a ground-skimming light, is used to pick out the driveway entrance, while respecting the night-time darkness of a farming environment.
There is an innovative use of Stra: traditionally employed outdoors, here it has been used indoors, recessed in the floor to create a distinctive elliptical light pattern on the ceiling.
Trevi is the outdoor underwater linear profile that has been integrated into the large pool of water in the courtyard, chosen to light up the long wall of local stone and the ‘window’ it offers onto the woods behind.

L&L Luce&Light

L&L is an Italian company that specialises in the design and production of lighting systems using LED technology for indoor and outdoor applications. Internationally renowned and respected in the lighting design sector, L&L has realised many exceptional projects around the world. Among the company’s main strengths are the high quality and reliability of its products, which are entirely developed and produced in its factory in Vicenza. L&L also pays special attention to the sourcing of its materials, in order to retain the core value on which its operation is based: products that are Made in Italy.

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date: 24/11/2017
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