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Maison & Objet 2018 Paris: HOM and its KLAY new collection of energy-efficient heating accessories

Hall 7 Now!Design à Vivre E96-F95
Maison & Objet, Paris - January 19-23

At M&O 2018 HOM will introduce a rich collection of state-of-the-art heating accessories and energy-efficient electric radiators. The new KLAY collection, - a preview has already been on show at Bologna Italy Cersaie 2017 fair. The collection consists of four heating accessory models with geometric and linear forms, made from glazed ceramic: the ANETO designed by Davide Vercelli, bathrobe holder and the CUZCO, NESS, and NAZCA towel rails, on which to warm and dry linen or clothing.

The technological core of all HOM products is a special sintered tile that retains heat for a long period of time and releases it slowly. This patented technology (owned by Rotfil, European leader in the production of electrical resistance heaters) is the most advanced system in the field of low-consumption electrical heating (when turned on, it uses 0.1 kW/h, corresponding to about €0.02 — for the heating accessories) and was created as a result of three years’ research carried out by the designer and the company in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino (Polytechnic University of Turin).

The whole range of products can be found at the booth. They have been created using ancient materials, such as ceramic, or natural and durable materials, such as Lebanon cedar, and are equipped with HOM low energy consumption technology (sintered tiles), thanks to which they become heating accessories (power from 50 to 200 watt) for clothing, towels, food, cosy seats or veritable electric radiators (250 watts and up). Their “natural environment” is the home and their understated elegance works well in the Contract sector.

H-TAB, with its simple design and glazed sintered tile, comes in three models, each characterized by a fretwork decoration – H-TAB 101, H-TAB 102 and H-TAB 103. They adapt well to small spaces. Xilo, made from solid Lebanon cedar, which gives off a fragrance and is stable and moisture resistant. MaxiXilo is a customized version, tailored in size and power, and therefore adaptable to any environment. Another innovation is Terra, which has a linear design and is made from terracotta. The collection also includes theH Pad shelves, the Shield towel drying rail and the Zig Zag stool. Despite its size (weighing around 20 kg and made from "monolite ipergres", a trademark registered by Laboratorio Pesaro, the supplier of the material) Zig Zag is easy to move, can also be placed outdoors, is frost-proof, and resistant to acid and salt damage.

Company profile
The first HOM collection was launched in 2013 following around three years of experimentation carried out by the designer Davide Vercelli with the company Rotfil (owner of the technology and of the HOM brand), in collaboration with the Department of Materials Science of the Politecnico di Torino.
The HOM brand is owned by Rotfil, Italy's leading manufacturer of electric heaters. Founded in Piedmont in 1977, today Rotfil is a group of six companies: Rotfil Srl, (Italy, head office), Jeka GmbH (Germany), Rotfil NA sarl (Tunisia), Termax sarl, (Tunisia), Infraker sarl (Tunisia), and Elmat Srl (Italy). The company's core business is the manufacture of electric heaters, temperature sensors and controllers for industrial applications

The designer
Davide Vercelli
Born in 1966 in Varallo (Vercelli), Davide Vercelli graduated in engineering then carried out a research project at Turin Polytechnic before embarking on a career as a designer. He has always been fascinated by design culture, by the way in which design, technology and production, communication and marketing strategies come together in the development and promotion of a project. Over the years he has collaborated with companies in a range of sectors, including lighting, home accessories, radiators, surface coverings and bathroom design. From 1999 to 2007 he developed the corporate concept of Ritmonio and became its creative director. In 2010 he founded the furniture brand Liberostile ( In 2013 he created and curated the Aggregàti format devoted to the contract furnishing and wellness sectors, one of the key collective events at Cersaie 2013 which was repeated on a smaller scale at Goodesign - Fuorisalone 2014. He has been involved in a number of training programmes in collaboration with institutes and universities (including Milan Polytechnic and IED).
He has won numerous international awards, including five selections for the ADI Design Index, two for the Compasso d’oro, two Young & Design and Design Plus awards, a first prize in the IDA (International Design Awards) and a Good Design Award. He is the coordinator of the Abitare thematic committee for the ADI Design Index and a member of Atelier dell’Innovazione. In May 2015 he became the creative director for new product development and communication at Fima Carlo Frattini, a leading tap manufacturer.

New Products 2017-2018
KLAY Collection

Name: Aneto
Type: bathrobe holder heating accessory, 100 watt power
Size: L 240 H 1080 D 80
Materials: sintered tile with ceramic coating

Name: Cuzco
Type: towel rail heating accessory, 50 watt power
Size: diam. 295 D 65
Materials: sintered tile with ceramic coating

Name: Ness
Type: towel rail heating accessory, 50 watt power
Sizes: L 480 H 100 D 85 L 630 H 100 D 85
Materials: sintered tile with ceramic coating

Name: Nazca
Type: towel rail heating accessory, 50 watt power
Size: diam. 295 D 65
Materials: sintered tile with ceramic coating

Other HOM Products

Name: H-TAB 101,
H-TAB 102,
H-TAB 103,
Type: 100 watt heating accessory
Size: L 300 mm H 630 mm D 85 mm
Materials: drilled and glazed sintered tile

Name: Xilo
product: heating accessory 200 watt / radiator 500 watt
dimensions: L 800 mm H 300 mm D 80 mm
materials: solid Lebanon cedar wood

name: Maxixilo 700/1000 watt
product: radiator
dimensions: customized version, tailored in size and power,
materials: solid Lebanon cedar wood

name: Zig Zag
product: heating seat
diemnsions: diameter 450 H 480
materials: A MONOLITE IPERGRES ® sitting developed for SPA and fitting centers but suitable for private bathrooms too.
date: 15/01/2018
Aneto e Cuzco
date: 15/01/2018
date: 15/01/2018
date: 15/01/2018
date: 15/01/2018
Xilo L
date: 15/01/2018
Xilo living
date: 15/01/2018
Xilo bagno
date: 15/01/2018
Xilo camera da letto
date: 15/01/2018
xilo particolare
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