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MinebeaMitsumi at Light+Building 2018 with the “smart” LED Lighting SALIOT
Frankfurt, 18-23 March
HALL 6.2 – B86

The Japanese Comprehensive Precision Components Manufacturer MinebeaMitsumi presents SALIOT, the “smart” LED lighting for a complete light management, a product of the combination of optics and precision components produced by the company. “Lighting Innovation” is the claim for this unique dinamic lighting solution.

The name "SALIOT", given to this new versatile and performing lighting system, is the acronym of "Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet of Things", which draws attention to one of its most innovative aspects: remote control of light using a wireless communication system. This makes it possible to simplify all types of regulation, even the most sophisticated ones. It improves its efficiency and reduces operating costs.
SALIOT has already won some important international awards, from the Good Design Award in Japan to the iF Design Award in Germany and to the DFA Awards of the Hong Kong Design Center (for the SALIOT Cube device).

It is possible to operate SALIOT by installing the SALIOT application in your smartphone, thanks to which you will be able to control the different functions and all of its features such as dimming, color temperature, the angle of distribution of the light beam, orientation, single or group configuration of the devices, configurations savings, the replay function or the tracking one. Up to 100 light devices can be managed individually or in groups.

SALIOT has been designed to offer a complete light management system that allows you to create countless environmental scenarios and opens new possibilities in the field of lighting with obvious advantages.

• It can be controlled from your smartphone, to activate rapid scenery changes thanks to blue tooth with Mesh network.

• It allows you to get the best light for multiple environments:
a. by combining the best of the technologies developed by MinebeaMitsumi, with SALIOT it is possible to control the direction of the light beam, to dim the light intensity, to change the angle of light distribution and the color temperature;
b. thanks to a specific function it is possible to program different settings and modify them instantly.

• Managing the adjustments is safe, simple and smart. It will no longer be necessary to intervene directly on headlights positioned at the top, for example in environments where it is not easy to access with a ladder, especially if as small as the store windows.

SALIOT’s technical specifications

Even with just one SALIOT projector, it is possible to obtain multiple light effects thanks to the possibility of changing the light distribution angle from 10 ° to 30 ° and being able to freely orient the light beam, in a panoramic or inclined function.

The function of being able to configure in real time the angle of distribution of the light beam is made possible by the use of ultra-thin lenses, whose thickness does not exceed 1 mm, developed exclusively for LED light and moved by super compact built-in motors in SALIOT. The lenses have an engraved prism inside them, which minimizes the loss of light power and makes the convergence and distribution of the light fluxes more efficient than those obtained with lenses of conventional thickness. To change the angle of light distribution, the distance between the lens and the light-emitting diode is regulated by the movement of compact motors that simultaneously control the panoramic function and the inclination of the projector. Both lenses and engines are the product of the combination of optical technology and electronics, only possible thanks to the vertical integration of MinebeaMitsumi.

SALIOT lens in details

At a glance, the 1mm lens may appear to be a single plate, but the two sides of the front and back have entirely different patterns are applied, as they perform collection and diffusion of the light, respectively. The light collection surface is formed with optical elements that mix light in order to suppress uneven illumination in the light generated from the light emitting diode and the uneven color known as yellow ring. The diffusion surface combines two lenses with different optical properties in order to achieve uniform diffusion of the light. A Total Internal Reflection (TIR) fine prism is used as a base to achieve uniform diffusion of light in the lens, and a Fresnel lens is used to perform fine adjustments in the center of the lens, which requires precise guiding control.

The versions available for the European market presented at LIGHT+BUILDING 2018:

• Track Light, 2 types: 54W(67W) / MS-V2 (Ra83: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K), (Ra93: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K)

• SALIOT CUBE TRACK LIGHT 55W(72W) / MS-V5 (Ra93 or Ra83: 3500K, 4000K, 5000K)

Nagoya Toyopet Dankeidori Showroom (Nagoya, Japan)
Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra (Cambodia)
New-York Historical Museum&Library (USA)
ISETAN Shinjuku Store (Tokyo, Japan)
National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka, Japan)


Spoongroup: Press Office for SALIOT in Europe

Silvia Sassone
P: +39 02 36595292 M: +39 348 3171878
Patrizia Ledda
P: +39 02 36595292 M: +39 339 4766974

TOL Studio : Marketing Partner for SALIOT


CONTACT in Italy
NMB Italia S.r.L.
Via A, Grandi. 39-41,
20017 Mazzo Di Rho, Milan, Italy
+39 02 939711
date: 20/03/2018
date: 20/03/2018
date: 20/03/2018
date: 20/03/2018
date: 20/03/2018
date: 20/03/2018
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date: 20/03/2018
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