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StoneLab Design brand will showcase the Stoneland collection of precious household objects in marble and metal at the Milan Design Week 2018

Milan Design week - Brera Design District
17-22 April 2018 Corso Garibaldi 62

April 17-21 (10.30am - 9pm)
Sunday, April 22nd (10.30am - 7.30pm)

StoneLab Design, a home furnishings and accessories brand, created in 2017 by Martelli Marmi and MarmoForniture, two companies operating in the stone industry for 50 years, will showcase a new collection at the Brera Design District – Milan Fuorisalone. The refined STONELAND collection includes delicate and precious lamps and accessories of marble and metal, created with art director Tagmi design studio.

The new STONELAND collection is inspired by the shape and the action of stone working tools. Nails, tubes, pulleys, pierce and shape the material and become structural or complementary elements that embellish it. They are the leitmotif of a journey to discover a domestic home panorama revisited in marble: the classic tin with metal cap, the chandelier, the vase, the corkscrew.

Thanks to StoneLab Design stone material skills, the design studio Tagmi, founded by Danilo Leonardi and Valentina Antinori, has been able to identify for this collection a rich palette of rare and precious marbles and has successfully applied several techniques of marble processing. This partnership is joined by Ganci Argenterie, a historic Milanese company, leader in silverware craftsmanship.

The collection consists of: the 4season cans; the Barocco tray; the Block candlestick; Bugia and Candela table lamps; Peso coffee table; the Pestone mortar; the Rosone trivet; the Contrappesa suspension lamps; the Sottosopra upstand; the Lastra cutting board; the Tradition vases; the Cava bottle opener.

StoneLab Design
StoneLab Design Italian brand, created in 2017 by Martelli Marmi and MarmoForniture of Bologna, has been in the stone industry for 50 years. It operates in the sectors of lighting, furnishing and kitchen accessories. Beside their ordinary production, StoneLab Design produces on demand from small scale to large scale interior projects. Their technological and artisan heritage allows them a customized productions with an important know-how in the stone material research. Therefore, StoneLab is an experienced partner for designers and artists in the production of small or large scale projects.

Tagmi Studio
Tagmi is a multidisciplinary firm based in Milan, founded in 2012 from an encounter between interior and industrial designer Danilo Leonardi and graphic and visual designer Valentina Antinori.
Originating from these two experiences is a design studio/laboratory, where play and experimentation between everyday objects and materials bring to life new forms and spaces. The whole creative process unfolds within the firm and includes the important stage of manufacturing prototypes, sometimes resulting in the production of small series or one-off items. Manual skill and sensitivity towards materials are key components of Tagmi's DNA. The firm operates in the field of product design, exhibition set-ups, and visual communication.

Ganci Argenterie
Ganci Argenterie is one of the oldest silverware factories in Milan, founded in 1926 and now run by the Morandino family. They have a wide range of artisanal know-how, from hammering to chiselling, form engraving, to hand made cutlery production. Important is their silver-plated production, based on drawings or sample reproduction.
date: 27/03/2018
Cava apribottiglie
date: 27/03/2018
Cava apribottiglie
date: 27/03/2018
Cava apribottiglie
date: 27/03/2018
date: 27/03/2018
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