Why open a Press Room on DesignPress if you already have one on your website?
Because attracting a journalist to your website requires a lot of work in terms of popularization and communication. On the other hand, journalists visit DesignPress every day because they know that here they will find lots of news to choose from... whether to write a new article or to complete one on a specific topic.

How does a journalist access your Press Room?
Whenever a MEMBER uploads a news release in their Press Room, within 48 hours it becomes a news item and is sent directly to the email addresses of journalists registered in our database. The journalists can then access the member's Press Room via a direct link.

How is the payment made?
You can purchase your Press Room directly from this website using PayPal. You will immediately be issued a PayPal receipt and within a few days we will send you an invoice with the payment information via email

Will every news item uploaded to DesignPress be published?
Every publication is an achievement!... Therefore no press office can guarantee publication, but remember: every news item read by a journalist is invaluable in contributing to increasing your visibility through word-of-mouth. *Remember: each news item is ONLY sent ONCE through the DesignPress newsletter.

How will I know if my news item has been published?
DesignPress offers a Mini Press Review service, thanks to an agreement with PressIndex. If you appear in any particularly important print or online publications, we will send you a digital copy of the article. To find out more, carefully read the SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE options. If you would like a more exhaustive service, contact PressIndex directly for a quote. As far as online services are concerned, there are many free services (such as Google Alert, for example), that advise you when a publication has been made.