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Open up your PressRoom here in just a few small steps and DesignPress will send your press releases directly to editorial staff and journalists working in the industry in order to increase your visibility in the media.



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What is a Press Room?
  Why is it important to have a Press Room?
t's a space where MEMBERS (companies, architects, designers...) can upload their press releases and any related images to be sent to the press. Buy a Press Room and become a MEMBER so you too can upload your press releases.   Nowadays professional communication passes through many channels: institutional websites, Facebook pages, newsletters, catalogues, invitations... A Press Room allows journalists easy and direct access to information and documents they can choose for their articles.
How to choose the right "sized" Press Room.
  Mini Press Review Service
Work out the time-frame of your communication, taking into consideration the fact that after a news item is launched the web results could be immediate whereas print communication takes longer (about 2 months for a monthly publication, 3 weeks for a weekly one, etc...). So if you only plan to launch 2 products (or projects) in the next 4/6 months, choose a SMALL Press Room. If you plan to participate in 2/3 fairs within a year and to launch 4/5 new products... think LARGE!   DesignPress also offers a Mini Press Review service, thanks to an agreement with PressIndex. If you appear in any particularly important print or online publications, we will send you a digital copy of the article. SMALL PressRoom: Press Review service for free up to 4 pubblications. MEDIUM PressRoom: Press Review service for free up to 8 pubblications. LARGE PressRoom: Press Review service for free up to 12 pubblications.
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12 months
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