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Open up your PressRoom here in just a few small steps and DesignPress will send your press releases directly to editorial staff and journalists working in the industry in order to increase your visibility in the media.



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DesignPress sends your news
to journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders
from top international magazines,
working in the fields of product design,
architecture and lifestyle.

              We do the first part of the job
            with you... in just 4 steps:
...your Press Release. If you've never written one before, you can use our Word template.

download here
  ... the elements of your product/project with nice photos.
N.B!: In your Press Room you can only upload .jpg images up to 2 MB in size.

.. the space you think is most appropriate, choosing among our Press Room options:

  ...your news! Upload your files and within 2 hours Design Press will display them on its home page*.
 Download here your  Member Guide
for your first documents upload
And now it's our turn: within 48 hours of your upload
Design Press will send a newsletter** inviting journalists to visit
your Press Room (via direct link) and read through your news.
Your documents will remain available to the press
until the end of your contract... SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE.

N.B! If a journalist considers your news interesting, new and
relevant to their article, they can use your text and photos
in their publications. DesignPress can't guarantee that your material
will be published: it all depends on your news and the journalists' work.

DesignPress also offers a Mini Press Review service,
thanks to an agreement with PressIndex. If you appear in
any particularly important print or online publications,
we will send you a digital copy of the article.
To find out more, carefully read
the SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE options.

*Our home page displays the 40 latest news items added.

**Include a maximum of 6 news items in each DesignPress newsletter.
See an example here

Other paid services
offered by DesignPress:
  - Creation and delivery of individual Premium newsletters
(see Top News in homepage)
  - Writing of press releases
  - Organization of events
  - Website building/update
  - SEO
  - Basic rules for an effective press release;
- When is the best time to send a press release?
  - What images should you include?
  - Do you also want to communicate with world-wide press?
- What is a Press Review?
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