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Tsara collection of contemporary crafts from Madagascar took off on the 5th of December from the historic Queen Palace of Antananarivo


The Malagasy Royal Palace complex (Manjakamiadana) at the Rova of Antananarivo, a mythical and historical place has been the ideal venue for hosting the exhibition of Tsara collection Contemporary Crafts from Madagascar.

TSARA, which means beautiful in Malagasy language, is a joint development project on the Country handcrafts, funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and designed by the international renowned designer Giulio Vinaccia*. On December 5th, the project has been unveiled and a wide range of prototypes of the collection TSARA have been shown to to the public.

After several years of rehabilitation works, following its complete destruction by a fire in 1995, which only left the stone walls, the Queen Palace erected on the highest hill of the City, the Analamanga Hill, has hosted this event. The Prime Minister, the Ministry of Handcraft Culture and Patrimony and more than 300 of selected international guests took part at the launch of the collection.

A film directed by one of the best filmmakers from Haiti Jean Fabius, working for ABC, CBS, CNN and blow-up photos by fashion photographer Gabriele Balcewicz Lemanski, have supported the presentation of Tsara collection.

With Tsara project UNIDO and UNDP offer an innovative approach to revitalizing the Malagasy Creative Industry and to strengthen the image of Madagascar on international forum

In order to stand out of the current craft trends, which are either already well-established in the market or are lacking distribution network, and with the view to provide income to the Malagasy rural artisans UNIDO invited designer Giulio Vinaccia to create the collection TSARA, consisting of furnitures, home decorations, and fashion bags for the Indian Ocean hotels and/or the European markets. A dedicated line of products for Air Madagascar business class travelers has just been produced.

Inspired by the Malagasy culture and aiming at meeting the requirement of a high-end market, the collection combines both the expertise of women basket weaving living in a very remote rural area in the South East of the Island and the know-how of artisans of the Capital City, Antananarivo. From Fibers to metal or plastic, more than 300 artisans, mostly women, originated from the most vulnerable locations of the Big Island have been involved in this high-end production.

The main artisans involved in Tsara project run by Giulio Vinaccia are the women of Farafangana villages in the sud Est of the Country, weawing penjy and rafia. The Dieudonné community in Ambohimanambola working on cut sheet metal from recycled iron (obtained from used barrels) and the artisans from 67 ha, the poorest neighbourhood in the Capital, lead by Karl . They make the metal structures of the furniture and the weawing of plastic stripes. Together with this 3 communities, several SME in Antannarivo, producing bags have involved too. A waiting list of Sme and artisans are ready to join Tsara project and to extend its products.



Overview of some results reached after one year of Tsara pilot project:

300 artisans are able to create new quality products. 120 of them (75 women and 45 men) underwent intensive practical training provided  by the designer on production techniques;
300 artisans received  income from product sales. For the first prototype 120 artisans have directly received the equivalent of three months' salary
41 women weavers from the South East were trained in leadership and financial education by a trainer from the Ministry of Craft, Culture and Heritage
34 women weavers have received glasses to improve their working conditions and life.
6 villages received some production tools to improve workplace hygiene
3 SME were equipped with tools of production to ensure the quality and sustainability of production.

Tsara website

Tsara film


* Giulio Vinaccia was born in Caracas in 1957, from Italian parents. After working experiences in South America he moved to Italy in 1985.

From 1994 he develops the activity of advisor for development projects through the use of the design as a development tool, collaborating with different organizations and international institutions around the world, such as UNDP (United Nation Development Agency), UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), UNIDO (United Nation Industrial Development Program,) ITC ( international Trade Centre) . In 2014 his activity has been selected in Compasso d'Oro Award in Social Design category
Besides, Giulio Vinaccia works in product design fields for renowned international brands such as Brembo, Ferrari, Piaggio – Momo Design, Moschino, Borsalino.



Press Office: Map Design Communication tel. +39 3394766974 e-mail p.ledda@mapdesign.it

data: 23/12/2014
Tsara collection
data: 23/12/2014
Tsara coll exhibition
data: 23/12/2014
Tsara coll exhibition
data: 23/12/2014
Tsara coll exhibition
data: 23/12/2014
Tsara coll exhibition
data: 23/12/2014
data: 23/12/2014
yellow chair
data: 23/12/2014
red chair
data: 23/12/2014
blu green chair
data: 23/12/2014
Business Class bag
data: 23/12/2014
black bag
data: 23/12/2014
data: 23/12/2014
data: 23/12/2014
Giulio Vinaccia portrait
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